1. The Ghost Of The Thrill

From the album BLACK SEVERN

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The different parts of me
They move at different speeds
My heart is full of warnings
That I don't know how to heed.
It put me on my back
I nearly wrote my will
Looking for the ghost of the thrill

I'm sure there's something out there
That I tasted long ago
Does my memory deceive me?
I wonder how a man could know.
But in those quiet hours
I hear it calling still
Haunted by the ghost of the thrill

If you could see me now,
With my wings unbound,
And my feathers all falling down.
I know that it's round
The crest of the hill -
The ghost of the thrill.

Did it flash across my features
Or dance across my bones?
Did she smell it on my skin
For a second and then gone?
She turned me inside out
She put me through the mill
Trying to find the ghost of the thrill

Some they chase it carefully
And some risk everything
And some believe it lives in
What you leave and cannot bring.
But everybody carries
A space no one can fill
Searching for the ghost of the thrill

I have looked for it in soft light
In darkness and in pain
I have thrown it all up
And drunk it down again
If today should be my last
All the same, the time I'd kill
Looking for the ghost of the thrill